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Sunday 18 February 2018

Do Something That Scares You.

We all have a list of things we want to do or try in our lives that we know we will probably never do because of fear of doing them. I've had the list for years, the 'I really want to...but' list. Looking at it now, I know that a lot of the fear is the fear of change and failure, but I've come to learn that if you don't try you don't know and if you don't do, you look back and regret!

So it was about time I started ticking some off.

One thing that had been on my list was to live in London, well that happened and I'm loving it. Another was to get my nose pierced, It's happened! I'm thinking I want to change to a ring when I can. What are you're thoughts?
 I have always said I've wanted to do it but alway put it off with excuses like, I don't have a good nose for a piercing or the pain! I reached a point were I knew I needed to do something for myself that made me feel good and I knew that I needed to do something that scared me. I needed to have that 'I did it' feeling. Also do you ever want something so bad that the fear just kind of goes? I don't care, I just want it!

My housemate has always wanted hers done too and she had found a little place very close to us to go. We literally sat on the sofa looked at each other and said 'shall we?.... YES!' and week later i have a hole in my nose and I love it! 
The feeling after you do something that scares you is one of the best feelings and I challenge you all to do something you've always wanted to do but have been to scared to do it! Push yourself, you can do it!

Next on my list is a tattoo! Lets see how long it takes me to tick that one off!

Comment and let me know one thing thats on your list, or have you already ticked something off the list? Let me know :) Also let me know if you'd like to see a 'my experience' with getting a nose piecing and what to expect after?

If you need a giggle take a look at this! hahaha!!!!


Sunday 11 February 2018

Is Social Media the new Counsellor?

Has anyone else noticed how they are so much more open online? About how they are feeling, what is happening in their lives and where they are with their mental health? It's almost as if social media has become a counsellor for so many people, myself included.
Why is it that we are all so much happier to open up behind a computer screen rather than turning to our friends and family for a good heart to heart chat, or asking a professional for help? We would much rather post an arty picture that shows a perfect life with a caption saying how hard we are finding reality. I know I am very guilty of this on a daily basis.

But should this been seen as a negative thing?
As I've said before I'm an extremely private person and find it very hard to completely open myself up to someone including family which should be my first turn. If I'm completely honest there are very few people who truly see the real me because I'm so scared of being judged for my dorky side.  However for me Twitter and Instagram are both places I can an go to escape, be who I really am behind a profile picture.
I guess thats how I want to feel about my blog too. For it to be a place I can come and type my deepest thoughts and be my true self without getting peoples opinions on my situation, just someone to listen and read and even reach out if they have been through anything similar or felt the same way as me. It's a great comfort to have people you've never spoken to before and will probably never speak to or meet again say ME TO.
We all feel alone at some point in our lives and I truely think that social media, like Twitter and Instagram are opening peoples eyes to that fact that we really aren't alone and we never have been.

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