Friday, 19 April 2013

realTechniques Brushes....It's Love

Hello Pollys Hope your all well!?

I have been wanting some better make up brushes for a while but I can't really afford my dream brush set so I went in search for some more affordable brushes. Well who hasn't hard of the amazing realTechniques brushes and I watch some many youtube videos and read so many blogs on them that I thought well I have to try some don't I?!
Well as you can see I got 3...The Blush Brush, The Stippling Brush and the Setting Brush.

The Blush Brush is amazingly soft and applies my blush perfectly! leaving just the right amount of product on my cheeks as needed! I can't say a bad word about it!

The Stippling Brush is equally amazing. This is the first Brush I brought and I use it to apply my foundation everyday, I have also used it to apply brush before and loved the look it gives my cheeks. I applies my foundation evenly around my face and blends it in perfectly!

The Setting Brush is the perfect brush for those finishing touches, I use mine for highlighter and also if Im only using one eye shadow shade or to apply my all over lid shade I use this to apply it. Again this brush picks up the perfect amount of product so as not to leave my face powdery.

I could talk about these brushes for ever and I cant wait to get more and build on my collection!!

Do you have any realTechniques brushes? which one is your favourite?

Lots of Love
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