Monday, 1 April 2013

No7 Hot cloth cleanser

I am sure you have all heard of the Liz Earle Hot cloth cleanser yes? Well I sadly cant afford that :( but I have always loved the idea of a hot cloth cleanser so a few months ago I started looking for an alternative. 
Now you all know how much I love No7 and when I saw that they had a Hot Cloth cleanser I had to try it.
Liz Earle - for 200ml starter pack is £26.25
No7 - for 200ml is £9.95 and if purchased from boots is normally on a 2 for 3 offer!!
So its over Half the price! 
They do both come with the muslin cloth

I really like the packaging, its simple and I think it looks really professional and looks really nice sitting in your bathroom. Its got a pump dispenser keeping it clean to use as well.

Okay on to the important bit! :) Its so easy to use! (get ready for some very unattractive pictures)
To use just pump some of the cream into dry hands, I use 2 pumps and massage over a dry face, then I use cotton pads and whats left of my hands put on them and gently wipe my eyes with them, then just soak the muslin in hot water and using circling motions massage around your face, this removes your make up and your skin is left feeling so soft and clean!! I find it doesn't remove waterproof mascara as well, but it does get a majority of it off. I pat my face with a towel after just to remove most of the water but leave it to completely dry naturally, keeping some moisture in the skin.
I use it every night and then use a moisturiser after my face is completely dry.

Its so quick and easy to use, only taking me about 10 mins every night and so worth it.

I would still love to try out Liz Earle Cleanse and polish but for now I am very happy using this wonderful product!

Lots of Love

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