Monday, 3 August 2015

Waterproofs and making new friends || Week 4

Seriously what is going on with this summers weather! I read this morning that the whole of August is going to be raining and windy, this doesn't make me happy! I swear they said we would have a 3 month summer this year! seems more like 3 days! haha. I did not expect to still be reaching for my leather jacket still!

The colder weather has made me look at new coats though, I have to say I do prefer Autumn fashion, wrapping up warm but not wrapping up so much that you can't move and feel like a baby in a snow suit! Walking around in the jumping jack position! I've been looking around for a new Autumn coat and found 2 that I LOVE from TopShop!
This rain coat reminds me of being a child and wearing wellies jumping around in puddles and feeding the ducks in the rain (true British thing to do) I also love the contrast with the bright yellow and then the blue and white lining! So much love for this coat! It would be perfect for the rainy commutes to work. How practical of me!!

This one, well, I have been wanting a trench coat for ever but I've never found that perfect one. They always seem to look funny on me, okay so I haven't tried this one on but I can just tell from the waterfall cut that it would look amazing! Seriously adore this coat! But I can't find it in any of the TopShops near me! I want to 'try before they buy' as they say, mainly because I've had so many problems finding one to actually looks half decent on me! 

Also this week I met up with the beautiful Pippa for dinner! I was quiet nervous as we had only met once before at the Camb meet up but we had talked through twitter. She is honestly one of the loveliest people I have ever met! So easy to talk to, we probably could have sat and talked for hours!! I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures but we eat the the Pint Shop in Cambridge. They do scrummy food and its so well priced too! I highly recommend it if you in or around Cambridge some time! It's just of the market square so a perfect location after a tourist day out. 
Make sure to pop over to Pippa's Channel Clashing Time

While on the subject of YouTube here is this weeks video in case you haven't seen it yet! :) Can you believe I've have been on YouTube for a year now!
I hope you have a lovely week and I want you all to do one this that scares your this week or something new! :)

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