Sunday, 16 August 2015

Tea, Scones and baby feet || Week 6

I'm well and truly addicted to little cute tea shops now! I met up with Hannah this week on Tuesday and we popped into Ely to go for lunch at 'Peacocks Teashop' It is seriously adorable in there! I wish I had got some pictures of the actual teashop but instead I was preoccupied by my food and drink! 

I yet again had a Hot Chocolate (with all the timings) Complete with a very scrummy chocolate teapot! Hannah had a decaf Earl Grey (I think) 
We couldn't decide what to have to eat, the menu there is actually so much bigger than we where expecting. I had a cheese scone with butter and Hannah had a fruit scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam! The Scones were massive! We were going to have a dessert but we were too full after the Scones!
We had such a lovely afternoon in Peacocks and Ely, If you looking for a nice place to go for a girlie catch up I highly recommend Peacocks! To much cuteness in that place! 

On Thursday Daniel and I went to see His sister and baby Theodore and I received the cutest birthday card I had ever got!! 

Look at the tiny foot print! apparently he wiggled so the foot print is smudged but that just makes me love it even more!

Okay so the girls at work got a John Lewis voucher for my birthday and I can't decide what to use it for. The blogger half of me wants to go and buy lots of beautiful make up, the other half wants something that is going to last forever, so when I look at it I think of the girls! (sad I know) So I have been looking at Olivia Burton watches.

I popped into John Lewis on my lunch the other day and tried this one on (and many more). The picture is awful because the lights in there really weren't great! I have also seen a mixed metal bracelet one too but they didn't have that there! :( 
 What do you think I should do?

Today I had to say goodbye to my Grandma who has been staying with us for the past 2 weeks, I had to work so it was rushed goodbye this morning! :( I hate goodbyes! I should start saying 'See you later' instead!

Have you got any exciting plans for the week ahead?

Speak soon Dolls!
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