Friday, 4 September 2015

Cars, Watches and Understanding || Week 7, 8 & 9

Hello lovelies x

So the last few weeks have been pretty crazy, meaning I never had time to sit and write a post, so here is a quick summery of the last 3 weeks! :) 

Daniel finally got a car! :) It's so nice to driven around places now! We have been together nearly 7 years so he has a lot of taxiing to make up for! I thought I would  be really nervous as a passenger with time too, but I'm really not :) 

I love it when the weather starts to get colder again, although its not been the hottest of summers but anyway. It's means I start to get lovely Aurora cuddles again! There is something so soothing about falling asleep listening to a cat purring and she relaxes me so much! I find I sleep better if she is in the room. Not sure why but it does 

Oh and yes I'm still looking for a new watch! There is this one for Olivia Burton which I adore, but I don't want to buy it online I want to try it first and the only place I can get Oliver Burton is John Lewis and they don't have it!
However I have also seen these too! These ones are from Fossil ( did you know fossil pretty much make every brand of watch!) The first one has all 3 metals in it so it would go with everything! and its such a nice size.
But these 2 smaller ones are adorable and would be so easy to wear with them being so small, I just don't know what to go for...Whats you favourite?

Lastly just quickly before I go, I found this the other day and I feel like it explains so much so I just wanted to share it. It's for anyone who suffers with anxiety and depression. I think this is the best way to describe how it feels. Also it would help anyone who doesn't suffer to understand what someone they may know is feeling and how just understand how they feel can help so much .
Sweet Dreams my little Pollys

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