Sunday, 12 July 2015

Bathrooms + Animal friends || Week 1 (+ abit)

Good Evening, So it begins my weekly posts, well this one is like a week and half but from now on its weekly. A diary for me to look back on! :)

I had a very productive day today! I have re-organised my wardrobe, so ordered now haha and that fact makes me very happy, come on I'm not the only one! I did a work out then had an amazing bubble bath, in a still not finish bathroom (more on that later) and read 6 chapters of 'Girl Online' I got the book for Christmas but just haven't got around to reading it; Its much better than I thought it was going to be and I find myself wanting to keep reading, hence the 6 chapters; They're not the longest chapters but I didn't want to turn into a raisin so 6 was enough while in the bath haha!

So talking about Bathrooms, this is currently how mine looks;
There are now white tiles all around the bath so just imagine that too
We were meant to have a working shower by now but there is still a part missing AGH! I just want to wash properly haha, please note I have had baths, its not like I've gone 3 weeks without washing, but a bath just doesn't feel as clean as a long hot shower does it! They've told us by Tuesday we should be able to use it so cross your fingers! haha

OH on Thursday (2nd) The Boy and I went to the Zoo, Only Linton Zoo was not amazing but still it was really good to get out and enjoy the sun while it last!
This is a bad Photo, but can you see the baby on its back?
At Linton Zoo they're mainly birds but they do have lions and tigers and kangaroos, which I found hilarious, just look how its laying haha! It's like 'look and my muscles!' Honestly it reminded me of a best friends boyfriend, (she agreed). 

On the subject of animals, I don't know if I've introduced you to Little Lady here on my blog? Little Lady is my new fur Baby.
She is a Russian Dwarf and she is adorable! She was a bit of a spontaneous buy! I'd gone into Pets At Home with mum to pick up a few cat bits and we could hear a horrible squeal coming from the hamsters and it was Lady (not called Lady at that point obviously) I couldn't leave her being bullied by her cage mates so I got her haha. She has such a sweet temperament, so calm :) 

In this hot weather she has been the cutest and she sleeps like this;
She lays flat on her belly and sticks her head out under her house! Too cute! If you're wanting to get a pet but nothing too much work, I would seriously recommend a hamster, so easy to take care of and perfect for children too! 

Nothing else really happened this week (and a bit) I hope you've all had a wonderful start to your July and I'll speak to you next week! :) I think Sunday is going to be my blog post day, makes sense being a weekly round up kind of post doesn't it :)

Speak Soon!
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