Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Pointless Post

Hello PPB's Long time no typing, (again). I don't really have anything to write about and no one will probably actually sit and read this, its very pointless post, but I'm just sat in my garden on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon, on my one person picnic blanket and I was just in the mood to sit and type a blog post for no reason. So I have no idea how this post will turn out nor if I will even post it but it's sometimes nice to just sit down and write things down so you can look back and remember good things that have happened or little moments you want to remember, I'm also hopping my laptop doesn't over heat from the sun. 

It's so hot today, finally the English summer has begun. One thing I love about English summer is there is nearly always a nice breeze that refreshes you while you sit a type or read or whatever you like to do when the sun is shining. Summer is a time I like to sit and read in the garden, I'm not really much of a reader any other time of year, but when I just want to sit outside and have some alone time, (normal joined by the cat) that's when I will read a book. I very picky about books too, I love crime novels, books you really have to read to know whats going on, I'm not the type of person to just sit a read any book it has to hook my from chapter 1 too. The book I read last summer was 'Gone Girl' which I'm pretty confident you have all read or watched by now! I still haven't seen the film but It's had amazing reviews, I always find it hard to watch a film adaptation of a book I've really enjoyed reading because the Actors never resemble the Characters I'm picture, even with little things like eye colour and hair colour, or face shape, WhenI read I really go onto detail about how I think the person would look and sons when the talk, Don't know if I'm the only one that does that... An example being.. Yup...'50 Shades of Grey' I read all 3 books and refuse to go and see the first film, he is just not my Christian Grey, I think the only books I've enjoyed as a film is good old Harry Potter, Those books and films will always be favourites of mine. I haven't found book I want to read this summer yet, so if you'r actually sitting and reading this, let me know what you've been reading :)

Right now all I can hear is drilling and banging, It was what I was woken to by this morning, we are having our new bathroom re-done, If you didn't know I moved how back in December and the bathroom was so date and the shower was so small you couldn't bend over with put you head hitting one side and your bum the other, not great haha but I'm so excited for the new one to be finished! I should have taken some before pictures so I could show you how it looked, but I'm a really bad blogger atm so it never crossed my mind.

The sun shows up how dusty my laptop screen is! oops! Needs a good clean!

Sitting in the garden is wishful thinking for me to get a tan, It never happens, I just don't tan .. Ever! and fake tans look awful on me, because I'm so pale they are so obviously faked and look dreadful! Just not a good look. to be fair I do tan, but its only me that can notice it haha! I'm the sort of person that glows white, then glows red and then glows white again with no hint of brown! I should probably just embrace my English Rose look and work it! haha! 

I think I decided I'm going to make my Blog more of a personal Diary for me. There will still be beauty bits and things, but I want to keep all of that for my YouTube channel, I find it much easier to explain things through speaking them than trying to write them down using all the clever words really good bloggers use, English has never been a massive strong point for me. So yes I think I'm going to do weekly round ups every week, with all the things I have been up to or not as the case may be, just so I can look back and see whats happened in my life. I don't blame you if you don't wish to read things like that, but I think a blog should be for the person writing it and for the readers to enjoy if they wish. I',m a strong believer in bloggers showing their personalities in their writing and nothings show that more than a diary blog.

Wow if you have sat and read that well done! haha I don't think anyone will have but oh well haha!

Time to sign off and go get a drink! Speak soon!

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