Sunday, 1 June 2014

My May Favourites

Hello PPB's

I hope your all loving this sunny Sunday! I am for sure! Currently got some cupcakes baking in the oven! :) I don't know why but the sun always makes me want to bake :)

So its that time again and I can't actually believe its now June! Seriously this year is going so fast its scary! I haven't had to many things that I have been loving this month, apart from the ones I love every month of course. But here are a couple of new things I've tried this month and have really enjoyed using!
Mane 'n Tail - I had heard a lot about these and when I went to look for some I found they were on offer on Amazon so I decided to give them a go while they are cheaper. I know hair always feel better if you change up your products so I don't know if its because its different or if it really is as good as it seems. I really can feel and see a difference. I'm going to give it a little while longer till I do a proper review but atm I am seriously loving this stuff!
Nivea invisible - Bit of a random one but I find it so hard to find a deodorant that I actually like the smell of and that works for long periods of time, but this ticks the boxes and obviously I wear a lot of black for work so this also helps with those horrible deodorant marks! 'keeps my blacks black' haha :)
Sally Hansen As hard as nails - My nails have been so bad recently, with the zircon now on at work they have become so dry and weak, breaking left right and centre! After using this for a couple of weeks I have really seen a change, don't get me wrong they still break but they don't flake if you know what I mean. I use it both as an undercoat or just on its own as a clear. I really hope it continues to work and my nails get stronger and stronger! (I can't find a link for this online, but I got mine from boots)
Benefit Gimme Brow - Okay so I jumped on the hype train with this one but I have been wanting to use a brow gel for a while and its had really good reviews, a few mixed reviews but mainly good. I have been really enjoying using this and again I'm going to use it for a little longer before I review it, but so far so good!
Collection Bronze Glow - I got this in this months GlossyBox and I have tried a Collection mosaic blush before and really liked it. Being pale I find it so hard to fins a bronzer that doesn't make me look orange or just well awful! haha so when I got this I was a bit apprehensive to start with but oh my I love it! I leaves such beautiful tone on the skin, it catches the light really nicely and works as a highlight as well, I really think this will be one to purchase when I used this up!

I love reading favourites posts so make sure you leave your links in the comments!

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