Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ice-cream Cupcakes

Hello PPB's

You all know how much I love to bake but more often than not my baking is a failure, I get so many little ideas and they never work in practise, but this did! :) I got the idea from Pinterest. Pinterest never fails to inspire!
They are so simple to make. Any cake mix and just fill an ice-cream cone 1/2 full and the put in the oven on 180degc for 15 mins. Once done leave to completely cool and then slice the top off so the cupcake is level with the top on the cone. I've used butter Icing on the top of mine and added a little iced cupcake to finish :) 
Make the cupcakes a bit more summery but serving them with ice-cream rather than butter icing too! I've mint choc chip! With these ones I only filled the cone 1/4 full before baking so they didn't rise over the top leaving a 'bowl' for the ice-cream!
Yummy right! :) 

Happy Baking!

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