Friday, 2 May 2014

April Favourites - FOTD

Happy May PPB's :) 

So its that time again when every blogger shares what they have been loving during the month of April. I love these posts but my shopping list and wish list always seems to grow after reading them all! 
As I haven't done a Favourites post in a while I have tried so many new things that have become a must wear for me here are the few I have been obsessed with during April.
Redkin Forceful 23 Hairspray - I got this as a free sample when I ordered my normal Redken shampoo, I've never tried anything from Redken apart from the shampoo and condition so I was excited to try it, Well I'm hooked! It smells lovely and it does its job, Hair stays in place without feeling Crispy which is something I really hate, I will be buying this next time I have to make an order!
Sally Hansen in Fiery Island - With the weather changing my love for Orange is returning with force! This polish is a stunning bright colour and I've always loved Sally Hansen so can't really go wrong with this!
MAC in Faux - I brought this lippy years ago and loved it from the start, but I stopped wearing it for a while, I seriously don't know why I did because I is now my must wear everyday lippy, its so easy to wear with everything and its my perfect nude! I gutted though becauseI don't think MAC do it anymore...Does anyone know if they do?
Estee Lauder BB Glow - You can see this is a sample pot, I'm bait funny when it comes to face make up, being so pale I find it so hard to find a match, so when I picked up the face cream, which I will talk about in a minute the lovely lady at the count gave me a sample, Oh My! its beautiful stuff! so light wait with a light/medium coverage, Its going to be so perfect for the hotter months!
Estee Lauder Day Wear Moisturiser - I mentioned this in my last post! I use this day and night its perfect. Honestly think Estee Lauder is now my go to brand, everything I use from them is just amazing! high price tag but high quality!
Estee Lauder Translucent Pressed Powder - After all the success with the other products I decided to get a powder from Estee Lauder also, not disappointed, again a light wait powder, perfect for setting and it also leaves a lovely matte look, which I adore, I must prefer to add my own shine where I want it then to have a face that looks greasy. (personal opinion).
Lancome Doll eyes in Brown - This was actually and accident, I already used Dolls Eyes but in black, I picked this up by mistake and had mini freak out when I got home and released, but its the best mistake I have ever made. It's made me relies just how hard black mascara is on a pale skin and blue eye, Brown just works so much better!
Maybelline Color Tattoo in on and on bronze - Again I brought this a while ago when they were all the craze and every blogger was buying, but I just couldn't find a way to wear it that worked on me, until now! I use it as a base under W.O.S in the Urban Decay Basic palette and it just works perfectly together!

As these products are a daily wear for me I decided to add in a FOTD with this post, Everything is as I've just said and the blush is Maybelline Dream Touch in Blush 02. 
Earrings are Links of London.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my favourites for April. I always feel like I put to many pictures in my posts, what do you think? Are my posts to Picture happy?

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