Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Guess who's back...

Hello my beautiful PPB's

I have missed you and blogging so much the past month, but I'm finally back with a nice new laptop that actually works and doesn't freeze and shut itself down every half hour! *does a little excited clap*
After being away for so long I thought it would be nice to just do a quick catch post sharing a few pictures of what I've been up to over the last month and let you know what will be up in the future.

Warning: This post will contain a lot of pictures!

Where have I been?

Okay so lets start with March 21st! Seems so long ago now! haha This was Mine and Daniel's 5th Anniversary! SO crazy, the last 5 years have gone so quickly!

From this
Oh dear haha!!

To this
Haha okay so not one of Daniels best side, but we were excited, we decided to go to London Zoo for the day and it was so much fun! It wasn't the warmest of days but it didn't rain so all was good! :) Here are some pictures of the animals we saw! I seriously love Zoo's!!!!
This day was so much fun. I really want to go back! We didn't get to see everything because we ran out of time, so hopefully in the summer on a nice warm day we will go back :) I obviously took way more pictures of the penguins than anything else and we also watched them be fed! My love for them has grown even more! :)

What have I been wearing?

I have decided this week that I can now start wearing Spring/Summer colours on my nails, I love Dark reds so much I find it hard to stop wearing it, also with red being the only colour I can wear at work, I'm making the most of this week off to wear nice summer colours. I've gone for Barry M in Berry and Essie in Penny talk which is a stunning rose gold colour and who doesn't love a bit of rose gold!

What have I been loving?

I have been looking for a face cream for ages but I haven't never been able to find one that I love and want to keep buying, until now!! :) I have always loved Estee Lauder Make-up I use it on a  daily basis and after seeing Anna Saccone rave about their face creams I had to try some. The brand have never failed me before so why not! Well they have not disappointed this time either! I picked up Day Wear and have fallen deeply in love!
Not the best picture I know, I'm taking all these pictures from my phone. If you want a full review of this let me know :)

I've also had a bit of a hair chop! I had it cut first at the beginning of April and just had a trim,   and then yesterday went back to have it cut again, I was thinking maybe going quiet short, if you follow me on integral you will have seen the picture of the style I was thinking of, if not....why not! haha @pollypocketx91! But being the chicken that I am we went with just putting a few layers in to add body and shape to it. I love it!
I get my hair done by the beautiful Shel from Thebeautyshell, if your in the Cambridge area make sure to check her out! She also does my eyebrows amazingly! Take a peek at her site to find out more about her :) 

Keep your eyes open for more post very soon! Few tag posts, OOTD's and reviews are all on there way! :)

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