Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My life in 20 questions - TAG

Hello PPB's

I saw this tag over on Sanja's blog Sparkle with Laughter and thought it was a cute simple tag and you all know I love a good tag post :) Make sure to go check hers out too!

So here we go, here is me...
....and here is my life in 20 questions!

1) Whats your favourite colour? I have two Orange and dusty pink, like a vintagey pink...
2) Whats your favourite number? 3, not really sure why though haha
3) Whats your dream career? I always wanted to be ont he west end but my Arthritis put an end to that. I could be cheesy and say full time blogger, which of course I would love, but honestly I have always wanted to do forensic science and criminology again not really sure why but yeah... :)
4) Where do you see yourself living when you move out? With the Boyfriend and Aurora (my cat), just outside where we both live now, so still quite close to home, I'm very much a home girl.
5) Where is your favourite place to travel? I haven't ever really travelled, but there are loads of places I really want to go like, Bora Bora and Thailand.

6) What do you do in your free time? Blog...of course! :)
7) Favourite clothing store? If you read PPB alot you will know :) Zara Duh!!
8) Dream Car? Got it :) A Mini!
9) TV shows you can't live without? I'm currently addicted to Criminal Minds, I'm watching every season atm on Netflix!
10) 3 things you can't live without? I'll do 3 material things and 3 not :) so, my Phone, Car and Laptop (of which I need a new on) and, Aurora, Daniel and my Family, Family is everything to me!

11) I can't sleep without? Aurora being in the room, her purr or sleepy snuffle I find so soothing!
12) What would you do if you had £1 Million? Put half in saving, give some to an animal shelter, move out and go on holiday. I bet alot of people would stop working but I don't think I could, I'd get so bored!! Maybe I'd cut down my hours instead :)
13) Celebrity Crush? Tom Hardy and Rupert Grint (don't ask why I just do okay!)
14) Favourite treat to eat? I honestly don't really have one, I don't eat a lot of sweet things.
15) Favourite wild animal? PENGUINS I love them!

16) Favourite season? Spring
17) Favourite childhood show? Paddington Bear :)
18) Why did you start blogging? I have answered this question so many times haha, I moved to London and wanted to log my experience, but I moved home so it turned into a beauty blog and here we are now.
19) What do you hold close to your heart? All my memories with my family, Memories with my Grandad! I miss him everyday.
20) One music artist your loving? My music taste changed all the time, but atm Ollie Murs, his music is so fun :) 

So there you go now your know even more about me haha! I tag you all :)

Lots of Love
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