Monday, 24 March 2014

New Season New Wishlist

Hello PPB's

With spring just around the corner (I hope) I felt it was time to start planning the new wardrobe...right? :) I popped onto Asos and a few other sites to have a peek at what was new this year here are a few of my favourites! :)
 This year I am going to wear mostly dresses, so there had better be lots of sunshine! :) I am really loving floral prints! :)
Even if its warm during the day, here in England the spring evenings can still get a bit chilly so I like to wear warmer clothes in the evening... I'm in love!!
OMG!! I love Disney and I love Lady and the Tramp so this is just perfection!! haha!! Not for everyone but just right for me! :) 
While I was having a window shop on all the websites I came across these beauty's from Carvela!
WOW right! These would be perfect for the transition for winter to spring ground still abit wet but the air warm and with little summer dresses and some cute girly socks....They are £150 so will be on my wish list for quiet a while I'm sure but I had to share them with you! What are your thoughts?

I hope you have been enjoying the little bit of sunshine that has started to peek through the clouds this week and enjoy the rest of it :)
Lots of Love

P.S When I really 300 GFC or 100 bloglovin (whichever comes first) I will be doing another giveaway!! :) Let me know what you would like as a prize!! :)

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