Thursday, 13 February 2014

A few of my Favourite things

Hello PPB's

Sorry its been so long since I last blogged my laptop is making it very hard to blog atm, lets hope it plays ball today and doesn't over hear while I type... *crosses fingers*
As its been a while I though I would share with you a few of my favourites atm, some of them you will have seen before because I just love them so much, If I have done a full post of any products I will leave the link for them :)

Okay here we go!
Chanel - Twist and Spray || MAC - Rebel || Lancome - Voile De Rose 302 || Essie - Bahama mama || Chanel - Crushed Cherry 176 || Urban Decay - Basics Palette

I want to keep this post nice and short and simple so I'm not going to into detail on every product, If you want me to do a full post about anything let me know in the comments, if I have already done one I will link it above and keep your eyes peeled because I'm sure there will be post coming soon about some of them :)

Are any of your favourites here too??

Lots of Love

P.S Decided to start signing off with my name rather then PollyPocket now, I just feel its a more personal also I'm 22 so maybe time to grow up a bit haha!! :)
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