Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chanel Lipgloss - Crushed Cherry 176

Hello PPb's

So the other day this happened..
This is my first ever Chanel make up product. It's not hard to tell if you saw my lipstick collection that I am all about the dark reds and plums, I just can't get enough of them, but every lip product I own is a lipstick or stain, I have very few glosses. When I saw this while picking up present for a friend I just couldn't say no, It's the perfect new addition to my little lippy family! :)

I have to admit I was expecting it to be a lot darker on the lip than it is, in the tube its very much an dark ox red, but on the lip there is a definite pink hint. For me this is actually better but for others if it was a Dark ox red you wanted, it wouldn't be what you would get.
I wear this lip gloss over the top of MACs Rebel (another of my true loves this year)
 The purple in Rebel make the gloss just little less pink... (wow I just got deja-vu! that always creeps me out...) Also wearing the gloss over the top make the lipstick last a lot longer, although Rebel does wear very well on its own. Also the gloss on its own is a little patchy but with the lippy it gives a much better finish

The formula of the gloss is very nice and smooth on the lips and isn't sticky at all, It does need to be re applied regularly but as I have said with the lippy under neither it wears so much better! :)

All in all I love this gloss even after the disappointment with the colour its actually worked out better :)

Do you own a Chanel gloss? Whats your favourite?

Lots of Love

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