Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Achievements, Resolutions and Bucket Lists

Hello PPB's

Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I can't believe its already 2014! 2013 went so quickly I'm sure you all agree! Okay so Blogmas was a complete fail! I was really ill during December and  after that I just had no motivation to do a post.

Anyway a new year is all about new beginnings and creating bucket lists for the year to come so I though I would share mine with you :)

First I want to start with what I've achieved during 2013, Its always good to look back at the good things you have done during the year before looking at what you want to change in the year to come :)

My Achievements for 2013...
  • I got a Promotion at work to Senior sales, I was only part time before and so to get this position made me so happy and determined to do it well!
  • I got my dream car a Mini! Christmas last year I remember saying, 'this time next year I will be driving to see the family in a Mini' it happened! :)
What have you achieved in the last year?
My Resolution for 2014...
To make more time for my friends and family.

I (and I'm sure some of you) found myself stuck in a boring routine this year with work. Get up go to work come home, bath go to bed ready for work the next day and since being promoted this has just got worse. This year I'm going to make sure I see my friends even if its just going for dinner in the evening or popping round for a cup of tea and a chat

Whats your new years resolution?

My Bucket List for 2014...

  1. Start a YouTube channel.
  2. Reach 1000 readers on my blog (I need your help for that one).
  3. Move out with the BF.
  4. See a musical.
  5. Get back into dancing.
  6. Bake all the cupcakes recipes in the book I got for Christmas.
  7. Learn to speak Italian.
  8. Go on Holiday to somewhere HOT!!
  9. Go to Paris.
  10. Re-read all the Harry Potter book.
  11. To run at least 2 more giveaways. 
  12. To comment on at least 2 blogs everyday.
  13. To take more photos everyday.
 So there we go. My list of things to do this year! I really hope I get to do them all! I guess we will find out in a years time! :)

Whats on your Bucket list??

Thank you for all your support though out this year and I really hope you all stick with my for the next year too, your comments and tweets make blogging even more fun than it already it! :)

Is there any post your want to see on my blog this year? leave me ideas in the comments! :)
Lots of Love
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