Friday, 6 December 2013

The Christmas Cracker Tag

Hello PPB's
Its a tag post kind of day :)
Tag Rules
Answer all ten questions below.
Make sure to add the Christmas Cracker tag logo somewhere on the post.
Tag as many bloggers as you like to do the tag.
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The Questions
One Whats on your Christmas list?
Two Whats on your Christmas agenda?
Three How much Christmas Shopping have you done?
Four Whats been your biggest surprise gift?
Five When do you usually put your Christmas tree up?
Six Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas day?
Seven Do you have any plans for boxing day?
Eight When did you top believing in Father Christmas?
Nine Whats your favourite Christmas Scent (Perfume/Candles)?
Ten What do you love most about Christmas?

My Answers
There isn't really anything I really need this Christmas but obviously there is always a few things I'd quite like to receive, on top of it being a cupcake maker, Don't ask me why I don't know I'd just really like one :) I did a Christmas wish list post HERE
I'm sadly working pretty much the whole build up to Christmas, I've only got 4 days off from now till then :( So I haven't really got an agenda this year.
I've definitely started my Christmas shopping, but I keeping thinking I've finished and then remembering someone I haven't brought for yet, I should really make a list and tick people off, would be much more organised and easier I swear.
I don't actually think I've had a surprise big gift, that I can remember anyway, I may have had some when I was younger.
We have always put ours up on the 12th December because thats my Dads birthday, My parents divorced when I was little so my dad would always come over so we could do it and it just stuck.
Yes I love to get a new outfit for Christmas Day, I brought mine Yesterday :) OOTD to come! :)
Not yet, I normally like to have a very lazy Boxing day Jammies, films and crap food :) I think that's the best way to spend boxing day :)
I can't remember how old I was but I came down stairs to get a drink and my mum and dad where putting the presents under the tree and putting presents into our stockings = one heart broken child
I don't know if its a special Christmas scent but Spiced Orange from Yankee Candle is my new obsession, omg it smells so good! 
I love Advent, I love everyone getting into the Christmas spirit and buying presents and decorating the house and burning m advent candle, I love the atmosphere advent brings :) 

The End 

Yay :) I hope you liked this tag, I thought it was cute :) I tag you all to do it :) and make sure to leave me your links below!!

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Lots of Love
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