Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sprinkle of Christmas Nail Glitter!

Hello PPb's 

It's Monday again! BOO, but for me its a day off Yay! :)  and we are putting our tree up today! hopefully I'll post pictures tomorrow :) But today is all about nails and glitter! The Perfect combo!
This is my favourite Essie polish the perfect plumb if you ask me and I got the Deborah Lippmann in a glossybox so not sure what its called. This is also my favourite top coat, my nails used to last maybe 1 day 2 if I wasn't at work, but with this they last a good week in with minimal chipping :)
I do a base coat of clear, two coats of essie 'Bahama mama' then one coat of the Glitter then do a top coat.
I like to leave 10-15 minutes between each coat, I know that sounds like a long time but I find if every coat is completely dry when applying the next, a) it drys so much quicker at the end and b) it lasts longer because its completely cry through, also make each coat a thin coat, drys quicker and will look neater in the end. :)

I love this colour and its perfect for Christmas and its subtle for work because I'm only aloud to wear 'reds' 

Whats your favourite colour for Christmas nails?

Did you know I'm hosting a giveaway? If not here it is :) It ends Christmas Eve, win 3 full size Soap and Glory products :)

Lots of Love
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