Thursday, 5 December 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Hello PPB's 

Lets start with a Christmas decoration update :)
 Yay I got a little Christmas tree! Its the one from Tesco but I got the £10 one rather than the £3 because it was bigger and looked so much better :) I love it! It came with the lights, star and baubles and then I added the little silver bits :) We are putting the big tree up on Monday :) Bring on Christmas films and Christmas music! :) I love putting the tree up because we use all the decorations me and my brother made when we were little so its fun to find things again and remember the stories behind them :)

I went shopping today with mum to pick up some Christmas presents, but I ended up buying the outfit I'm going to wear on the big day :) I will do an OOTD to show you it complete :) Its mainly from topshop :) I also got Mr Bubles Christmas album for the car, it just had to be done.

Here is a sneaky look at my outfit :)
Sorry its not a great picture my camera wouldn't focus! so annoying! but cute right!!

I also went to Matalan and found some adorable boots, but I'm going to get them online because they have 30% off when you spend £50+ and I couldn't find anything in store so obviously turning to the inter-web! haha :) You can see the boots just click on the work 'Boots' up there ^^ :)

So just a quick chit chat post today :) Make sure you go and enter my Christmas giveaway! HERE It ends of Christmas Eve.

Have a lovely Thursday evening ladies I'm off to have a Lush bath, I'm going to use the melting Penguin! So cute! :)

Lots of Love
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