Monday, 9 December 2013

LUSH 'The Christmas Penguin' Bubble bar

Hello PPB's

It's finally Monday , which for me is a day off! but I'm sure for most of you is a day of work so I hope this post makes your day a bit better :) 
Now if you have read PollyPocketbeauty for a while you will know how much I love Lush, I know how much most of you like Lush. You will also know how much I love Penguins, so when I saw that Lush had brought out a penguin bubble bar I HAD to get it! No questions I HAD to! haha, his so cute!!
He smells amazing too! I'm not sure what he is meant to smell like but to me he smells so fresh and 'clean' if something can smell clean!? I'm sure you all know how to use a bubble bar, if you don't it so simple, run your bath, while your bath is running, crumble it under the tap rubbing it with your fingers and it creates bubbles YAY! who doesn't like bubbles?!
You're left with bright blue water and lots and lots of fluffy bubbles :) This makes me very happy!
I think this bubble bar is officially my favourite product at lush! Smells good, Looks cute and creates bubbles and a perfect bubble bath! also it doesn't leave your bath a funny colour so you don't end up needing another bath after cleaning it from the bath you just had...Just me??

I give this Bubble Bar 5 stars!!
Find it Here
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Lots of Love
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