Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Christmas Bucket List

Hello PPB's

How are you all? Keeping wrapped up warm I hope! How many of you have started your Christmas shopping yet? I sure haven't ha, like seriously I haven't even brought one thing. I'm planning on starting it Wednesday I have a short day at work then going for lunch with my friend who is off travelling for 3 months and then I'm planning on hitting the shops, it's late night shopping in Cambridge on Wednesdays too so I'll have plenty of time! :)...Whats the betting I come back with nothing...probably quite high!
Anyway onto the point of this post! :) I was tagged by the very cute Kelsey from Kelsey misskfb to do the Christmas Bucket List Tag (obviously) It was created by Dayna from adaynasaur Seriously love her blogs name! haha!! 
 I have decided to create the 'Christmas Bucket List Tag' so that not only I get to create a list of wonderful festive things to do but so that I can keep in touch with fellow bloggers and see what Christmassy activities they're getting up too this year! The rules of this tag are pretty simple; you must post a list of things you would like to do this festive season on your blog, once each of these activities have been done you can either  do a separate blog post on each activity or do a large, combined post containing all of the things on your bucket list after they have been done including pictures etc, how you decide to do it is completely up to you! And lastly you must tag 5 other bloggers to do the tag, if you are participating in the Christmas Bucket List Tag I would love to see, so feel free to tweet me @adaynasaur or leave a comment below ♥

My List

1) Wrap all the gifts I buy for everyone is pretty boxes with bows.
2) Watch my all time favourite film 'The polar express' about 10 times.
3) Have a bath using Lush's Bath bomb 'Christmas eve' on Christmas eve.
4) Make Christmas cupcakes (successfully this time)
5) Decorate my room all cute and Christmasy complete with mini tree.
6) Try to stop the Boyfriend from being a scrooge this year (Harder than it sounds)
7) Find lots of amazing cute DIY ideas on Pinterest and do at least 3 of them.
8) Take as many pictures as possible throughout advent, my favourite part of Christmas is the build up. 

What do you think? I hope I do all of these :) I guess we will just have to wait and see! :) 

Okay so I tag - 
Jules - Lippy Likes
Claire - Gisforgingers

Can't wait to read your bucket lists! If you do this tag please tweet me @pollypocketx91

Lots of Love

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