Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gifts, Cocktails and Farewells

Hello PPB's

So I'm sat watching XFactor and thought it was a perfect time to type todays Sunday Rambles post! :) I hope you have all had a good week, have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have started to plan and know a few things I'm getting, its pay day tomorrow so that when I will start buying things, I get so excited about giving people what I have brought them, especially when I know they are going to LOVE what I've got them! haha Anyone else the same?

Speaking of Christmas I have a works Christmas meal last night, we all got dolled up and went to have dinner and cocktails. :) I had to take pictures with my phone because I forgot my camera so there not the best! But here are just a couple :)
Love these ladies! It was a good night full of laughs and secrets spilt Are you going out for a works do?
 My dress is from Primark and is £15 I love it! So simple and perfect for winter and summer! I can tell I will be wearing it a lot! There is also a green tartan dress in there and I'm going to go and get that one at some point too! :) I'm pretty much Tartan obsessed at the moment! I want a tartan coat, anyone know where I could find one?
I also picked a new Yankee Candle tart this week, I don't have a photo because I couldn't wait to start melting it, I got Spiced Orange... O...M...G It is seriously my new favourite Yankee smell. I smelt it a few weeks ago and fell in love but I couldn't find it in a tart anywhere, I have started liking tarts more than actual candles, I find the smell to be lighter and they pretty much last just as long and cost so much less then a candle, Tarts are like £1.75 I think. Whats your Christmas scent this year??

I hope you all have a good week this week, I have got the next 2 day off and then I say goodbye to Indi (at the end on right) because she is off Travelling America with her BF, so we are going to wagamams for lunch on Wednesday and that's also the day Christmas shopping will begin with force! :)

Lots of Love
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