Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Rambles...It's back!!

Hello PPB's
This post is going up a lot later than planned due to spending most of the day today sat in Tesco carpark waiting for the AA man, this car is the worst thing I have ever brought! The sooner I can change it for a mini the better!

Anyway haha, I'm so happy to bring back 'Sunday Rambles' I love posts that are just the blogger have a good ol' chat with their readers and thats exactly what these post are going to be like and where like until I stopped do them. Still not sure why I stopped but oh well back now! :)

I hope you have all had a good week! Even if the weather has been pretty horrid and rainy! I went to Ikea with mum on Thursday to buy some new furniture for my room, it's slowly becoming the room I have been planning for ages! :) Just need a new bed and a wardrobe now and then it Will be done! Is it just me or is Ikea so much fun! I love looking at all the apartment plans! Makes me so excited to move out and do up my own place! I have so many ideas! 
 Sorry about the awful pictures just I just quickly took them! At last I have a full length mirror!

Also this week I've started with the Halloween nails! I love a theme nail don't you! :)
It's headline colors in gunmetal with Nails inc silver glitter crackle polish over the top! I love it!! I'm going to get a bit more inventive the closer to Halloween it gets! :) Have any of your guys done a themed nail for halloween! I'd love to see them!! If you instagram any put #PPB so I can see!!

Well I hope you have all had a better Sunday then me! Have a lovely new week! :) 

Lots of Love
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