Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Review || Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer

Hello PPB's! Long time no speak!

Today's post is about a product I picked up because I had no money and needed a new concealer, I haven't seen many, if any posts on this product before so when I used it, I was surprised to see how good it is!

As you can tell from the title the product is Match Perfection concealer by Rimmel.
This concealer has now become a must have in my make up bag! I have been looking for a concealer that I love for ages! and I've picked up all the once that bloggers have raved about and yes liked them but they haven't quiet been right for me, so I really wasn't expecting the concealer I picked up just to 'do' until I got paid to be the one I now can't live without!
I love the brush applicator, I find it so much nicer to use and its so quick and easy to apply and blend in! To blend this in I simply use my finger, I find this the best way and blend it in evenly and leaving me with a smooth even finish. I use this concealer under my eyes around my nose on my chin and anywhere else I may have a imperfection. The coverage of this product is amazing! If someone has ever said that a concealer is complete coverage I never believe, I have never found one that does completely cover a blemish and I'm not saying this one does completely hide a blemish but it does a very good job at disguising them. It works wonders under my eyes, helping me look like I've had a full nights sleep when I've probably only had 5/6 hours.
The concealer has a thick and creamy consistency which means you only need to use a small amount for a good coverage, this obviously means that it last a long time! :) 

I also use this product as a highlight, so after I have applied my foundation I reapply under my eyes just for a bit more coverage and then use it on the bridge of my nose and on my cheek bones, leaving me with a lovely glow!
I honestly don't think I had a bad word to say about this product! :)

I obviously picked mine up from Boots and it cost £5.99

Have you tried this concealer? What did you think?

Lots of Love

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