Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Zara Mini City Bag - Review

Hello PPB's <3
As you will know by now if you're an avid PPB reader that I have a little bag problem...okay a big bag problem, I just cant resist a beautiful bag and when I saw that Zara did a mini city bag well...I couldn't say no! I had been lusting over the large city bag for a while now, but luckily my local store never had it in and I never got around to ordering it online, I normally have to wait about 2 weeks if I order online and I really couldn't be bothered with the wait, but I'm so glad I didn't get it!
The mini city bag is just perfect! A much more practical size for an every day bag and seriously how gorgeous is the colour!, it also comes in a navy blue which is just as stunning but I already have a navy bag and as a rule to help me not buy so many bags, I wont buy a bag in a colour I already have (except black obviously)
The longer strap is detachable and is the perfect length for an over the shoulder bag. The shorter straps sits comfortable on the arm also.
As you can see its obviously the same design plan is the larger one, however the laptop case in the middle is now perfect ipad size (that will also help you see how big the bag is), I sadly don't own an ipad (bring out the violins) so I use it for the kindle and kindle fire, I also keep my camera in there for those moments you just wish you had your camera with you.
Obviously this colour isn't going to go with every outfit but I don't care! The colour will be perfect for the winter months berry is always a go to colour for me then, but also still just as amazing in the summer months. It's an all rounder is you ask me! :)
It's a very 'hard' bag and by that I mean it keeps its shape even when its full, which is always a must for me, I hate it when a bag drops at the bottom when its heavy!
Price is £29.99
Love Love Love!

I'm still thinking of doing a post about my Arthritis, Please do let me know if you would be interested in a post about it and how I deal with have it so young.

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