Friday, 20 September 2013

The Autumn Tag

Hello PPB's

I love doing tag posts like this! okay I love doing tag posts whatever they are. I saw this one on the lovely Molly from whatmollyloves and I had to do it! :)
Favourite thing about Autumn?
All the cosyness of autumn, big snuggley jumpers, hot chocolates, candles. I love watching films all warm inside while its cold and dark outside! I always buy new scarfs when autumn comes around and this year will be no different! :)

Favourite Drink?
Well nothing beats a god cup of tea! But if I'm out I love a hot chocolate or a vanilla latte! I really want to try Costa's new Chocolate orange drink! It's sounds amazing!

Favourite Scent/Candle?
I'm abit boring when it comes candle scents, I pretty much always get Yankee Candles and normaly is some sort of vanilla scent, Although last year I did start to really like spice scented candles so I think I am going to try a few more of them this year. Can you recommend any?

Best Lipstick?
MAC - viva la glam 1- It's a deep red! I love wearing deep red lips all through autumn.

Go-To moisturiser?
I have so many different moisturisers that I don't stick to just one so I couldnt narrow it down to one, but my favourites are Soap and Glory's - The righteous butter, so thick and creamy and we all know how good it smells, and Penhaligon's - Ellenisia Smells so good! and a little bit goes along way so it lasts ages!

Go-To colour fort he eyes?
This pretty much stays the same all year around, I just go abit darker in autumn, Browns and nudes, however in autumn I use darker shades and eyeliner as well. I think a heavier eye looks much better in autumn.

Favourite music to listen to?
Again this stays the same all year around, Currently in my car is the Mumford and sons album, its played on repeat!

Favourite outfit to wear?
A big oversized jumper with jeans and big slipper socks, I go to warmth and snuggleness rather then on trend in autumn. I try to stick to on trend colours though :) I really want a tartan jumper this year does anyone know where I can get one?

Autumn treat.
I made some today! Brownies! Chocolate brownies and a cup of tea is the way to go when its cold outside!

Favourite place to be.
In my room with a candle burning, a cup of tea a hotwater bottle and my laptop, I find I type a lot more blog posts in autumn! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my tag post :) I tag you all to do it! I would love to see what you all love in autumn! Leave your links int he comments if you do it! :)

Lots of Love
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