Friday, 16 August 2013

Penhaligon's 'Malabah' Candle

Hello PPB's

You all know how much I love candles and a few weeks ago I picked up one from Penhaligons, you probably already knew that from the title but anyway! haha If you haven't heart of Penhaligons before its a luxury Perfumery company, Pretty much every scent has a perfume, candle and Hand & body moisturisers and they all smell amazing!!

Heres a link to their site if your interested.

Anyway back to the Candle I purchased :) Its called 'Malabah' The scent of this candle is inspired by India and the spices. Its smell is a mix of citrus, sublime roses and spices.
 In any other form this scent isn't my favourite, but in a candle is beautiful, so delicate and it burns really well, its not over powering at all and even if its alight you can still smell it when you walk in the room.

You get 140g and its costs £32 not the cheapest I know but so worth it! :)

Let me know if you have every brought anything from Penhaligons before I would love to know!! :)

Lots of Love

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