Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why not follow with .... Bloglovin

Hello Ladies and gentleman

So today is just a little extra post to let you all know that my blog is on bloglovin! 

If you haven't heard of Bloglovin', which i'm pretty sure you all have! its a quick and easy way to follow your favourite blogs and read them on the go, Bloglovin's mobile app is amazing and it how I read most of the blogs I follow!

Now some of you might know or already did follow me on there, however I have lost all of mylovely readers on there so pretty please even if you already followed my blog go and re-follow!

Just click the 'LINK' and click the button 'follow' :) It would mean so much to me! I was up to 115 of you lovely people following me there and now you're all gone :(

Let me know if you follow! :) and make sure you leave your link in the comments!!

I have a link to my bloglovin on the side of my blog aswell just look for this picture..

Thank you so much!!

Lots of love 
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