Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Summer Essentials 2013

I am seriously loving this weather! It really is true, the sunshine does make people happier, the people I have spoken too recently are all so smiley :) haha

So now that summer is finally here, everyone is getting out their idea of summer essentials and they are all different! :) Here are mine! 
BTW If I have already posted a full review on a product I will link it so I don't repeat myself! :)
I find in the hotter weather I use a lot more dry shampoo, My hair gets greasy at the best of times but in the summer it happens so much quicker, but I don't want to have to wash my hair anymore than normal, so Dry Shampoo becomes my best friend! I have always used Batiste and this year decided to try the Sassy & Daring Wild one, Honestly I don't really know if I like this one, it makes my hair feel sticky! However I know a few people who have used these for years and this year just aren't getting on with them...New Formula maybe?
Staying with hair I have recently become addicted to salt sprays So quick and easy to use making mornings less stressful, also it means I can get out in the sun quicker and for longer. FULL POST
Moving onto nails, I pretty much always have my nails painted in summer! Actually I pretty much ALWAYS have my nails painted, however obviously colour choices change in each season! :) My all time favourite summer polish is BarryM's 'Berry' a beautiful lilac purple colour! My newest favourite is Essie's 'Mademoiselle' very pale pink, perfect with a tan! FULL POST
I have lost count of how many sunglasses I have got, but this summer these are my favourites! They are from Matalan. I love them...Plain and simple! :)
Moisturiser is very important in hot weather! keep your skin hydrated! I have been using Nip+Fab Coconut Latte, I got this in a recent GlossyBox, at first I really didn't like it, the smell is so sweet, but on the skin the smell is so nice! I also really like the fact that its not a white cream, its brown, I always find with pale skin a white cream makes me skin looks whiter however this really doesn't, if anything I find it makes my skin look a little more sun kissed!
 Staying on the moisturiser theme, I only like to use gradual tanning products. I find Fake Tans really hard to use on my pale skin, they just never look good! So I have been using 'Garnier Body' 'Summer Body' I have it in the colour 'Deep Sun-Kisses' Purely because I used the light one last year and just didnt see any change. This year I have.
Oh look back to hair haha, if I don't want to use a salt spray because it can be quiet drying for my hair and its pretty dry already, I use Aussies 'Aussome Texturising + conditioning gel spray' I use this if I can going to leave my hair to naturally dry just sprat it all over the 'crunch' your hair in your hands and leave it dry. :) Just as quick and easy as a salt spray just not as drying for the hair! :)
I good Perfume I think is a must for summer! and my favourite is Chanel Mademoiselle, actually its make favourite all year round, its and all year round must have! :)
I mentioned body moisturisers but always remember to use one on your face and my favourite atm is Nivea Day cream, I just use it under foundation if I use it, or even just on its own, I never want a lot on my face when its hot, or I just feel like I'm... well...melting haha!
Staying with face products, I like to use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, light coverage, light on the face and it has SPF 30 in it! Perfect! :) I normally just put a loose powder over the top to set it abit and off I go. :)
 I need a good book to read while I'm enjoying the sun in my garden. The book I'm reading this year is called 'Dead Scared' and its by S.J Bolton. It's a murder mystery kind of book and its always based in Cambridge, which I didn't know until I started to read it!...I live in Cambridge btw thats why thats relevant haha.
 I leave you with blue sky! :)

What are your summer essentials?

Don't Forget!

Lots of Love

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