Saturday, 6 July 2013

So I went shopping...

I know its not Friday :( oops, sorry its late guys but didn't get chance to write a post till now. But at least its something I know a lot of you love and that's a haul! :)

So as the title says, I went shopping and I picked up a few things :) so I thought I would show you what I got.
The first dress is from Topshop, its just a plain midi dress, but I picked it up for work, I'm going to wear it as a base and put tops over it, its was £25
The Shoes are from New Look and pretty much explain themselves just simple brown sandals perfect for this weekends weather! :) They where £12.99 but got to love the New Look card, don't have to pay till next month for them! :)
The second Dress is from Dorothy Perkins, again for work, but I just thought it was so cute with the little bow and it fits so well! Also it was only £16!
My Favourite purchase is obviously the bag, I think I have a problem!! Its a Jasper Conran bag From Debenhams, I have been looking for a smaller bag for a while, all the ones I have are massive handbags, or suitcases as my family like to call them! I was looking for one with a long strap so I could wear it cross body, but then I was thinking and I never use the cross body straps that come with any of my bags so why not just get the one I love! :)
I'm in love! :) it should have cost £35 but it had 20% off so cost £28.

Lastly, My mum was nice enough to get me this dress, its also from Dorothy Perkins and I wasn't going to get it but it fit so well and was in the sale for £20 from £40.
The pattern is so cute with the birds and its so light to wear! :) Its going to be perfect for during the day and weddings and so on! so versatile!

If you want me to do any OOTD's with anything let me know if the comments! :)

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Lots of Love
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