Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sally Hansen - So Much Fawn 260

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Anyway onto todays post! :) My local boots has just got a Sally Hansen counter, and well I couldn't resist! I have only ever used their top coats and nail treatments, never colours so I had to get at least 1 haha! I picked one called 'so much fawn'
The colour itself so beautiful! A lovely dusty pick colour and I love how it looks against my pale skin! Its got a perfect formula, thick enough to get away with one coat, but not too thick as to go clumpy on the nail. The wide brush makes application so much easier and quicker as well! Dry speed is pretty average, but if you have their instadry top coat that doesn't matter.

The packaging looks very professional, simple and clean, and the bottle size is very good, you get alot of product for your money. They are £6.00 from boots and are currently in the 'buy 1 get 2nd half price' offer! Here There are so many colours to choose from!

So first impressions on Sally Hansen colour polishes = Excellent, I know my bank account isnt going to love them quite as much though!
Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen colour polishes? Whats your favourite?

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