Friday, 28 June 2013

June Favourites

So its that time again! I can't believe how quickly this year is going!! Seriously slow down! 

OK. Stright into the favourites :) 
Who doesn't love the realTechnique brushes! I am addicted! I want to collect them all! I love how they make my make up look and how easy they make application! My collection includes; Stippling Brush, Blush Brush, Powder Brush, Setting Brush and my newest addition The expert face brush! To be honest the only thing that bugs me about them is they are so hard to store because of their flat bottoms! I want realTechniques to bring out a brush wrap to make traveling with them easier!
I haven't ever really tried an cream products so the Maybelline DreamTouch Blush is my first! I can't remember the name if this exact colour, its doesn't say anywhere on the packaging but I know its number 2 haha :) Its a peachy blush. I think this is turning into my favourite blush ever! I really like how the cream blush looks on the cheek  and how easy they are to apply and to build. I use the realTechniques stippling brush to apply it. Its staying power is also pretty good! It makes the cheeks look s dewy! :) love it!
Now you all know how long I have been looking for a good Bronzer for! I popped in to John Lewis and happened to go to the BareMinerals counter. This is my first BareMinerals product and I am so impressed! Its the Bronzer and Luminizer compact, its perfect for my pale complection. I use the matte side to contore and I mix both sizes together and lightly brush them all over my face and neck, I use the Brush that came with it to contore and my realTechniques Blush brush to dust over my face. Its leave me with the perfet lightly bronzed face, which lets me honest I'm not going to get in England naturally this 'Summer' haha. After using this I want to go and have a look at more BareMinerals products. Is there any that your lovelies would recommend?

So just a quick favourites post today :) I have used these products everyday and can't imagen not using them everyday!

Link me your favourites posts if you done one in the comments I love reading them! :) Thank you for reading mine! :) 

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Lots of Love

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