Friday, 26 July 2013

M.A.C lippy collection

Hello PPB's! :) 
Hope you're all having a lovely evening! Today I really didn't know what to blog about, hence why the post is late! (sorry about that) So I have been trying to thing of something to blog about since I got home from work, as you can probably tell from the picture above oh and the title of the post, thats a little bit of a giveaway! I decided to share with you all my M.A.C lipstick collection.
Like most BBloggers I do have little addiction however my bank balance doesn't cope with this addiction very well so my collection is only small.
My collection includes;
Viva Glam 1
Viva Glam Nicki
Girl About Town
Eden Rouge
 I'll start with Faux because it was my first ever M.A.C Lippy, You can already tell its also one of my favourites! This lipstick is perfect for everyday wear and thats exactly what I use it for! For work, shopping, out for a meal, no make up day, I will always probably have this on! For me is it the perfect,'my lips but better' kind of colour. I do find it to be a little drying, but keep a balm close at hand it all is good! Faux is a Satin Lipstick and has a pretty matte finish, however with a little bit of gloss over the top to just dress it up a little bit looks just a perfect.
I haven't got a close up picture of the the next on, Eden Rouge (the red one laying down), I brought this one at the same time as Faux, i had gone into the store as ask for a everyday colour and an evening colour and these 2 are the ones I came out with. Eden Rough is a deep matte red, Honestly I haven't worn it much! Not going to lie it does scare me a little bit haha! I also need to get a red lip liner before I wear it because it gets everywhere!!
Moving onto my FAVOURITE lippy ever! Girl About Town, I have done a full review already so I will link that and not ramble too much because I could go on and on, Its a perfect fuchsia and I adore how it looks on me!
Next I have Cosmo. This is very similar to Faux on it has more of a red tone to it rather than the brown tone that faux has. Again I use this as an everyday lippy, if I'm feeling abit bolder I will use this. Its an Amplified Lippy and I find it leaves a beautiful lightly glossed look, its not matte but its not glossy...if that makes sense?
On the Viva Glam Nicki. I bought this one because a friend of mine has it and it looks stunning on her....on me...not so much! as much as I love the colour, I just can't wear it due to my pale skin. It just doesn't work for me, but I can't bring myself to sell it, haha. It is a Satin lipstick and leave a stunning shine, I really do wish I could wear it, I think I need to find a way I can. :)
On the Left Viva Glam 1, I love this lipstick and again I have already done a post on it..Link..I find it strange that I can confidently wear this dark rich red, but I shy away from the light red...hmm..just me?

M.A.C lipsticks I do believe are all £14..unless they have gone up again since I last went in.

I hope you have liked this post :) let me know in the comments what your favourite M.A.C lippy is or what you favourite colour of lippy is :)

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Lots of Love

P.S The hand of a beauty blogger!! haha
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