Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Whats in my Shower/Bath

I have seen this post go around YouTube and thought well why not do it in a blog post! :) I  have really enjoyed watching them, so let me know if you have done one video or blog post I would love to have a look :)
So whats in my shower...Well

Who doesn't enjoy a good bubble bath?! I know I do and I really like the Johnsons Bath & wash, yes I know its meant for babies, but It really does leave my skin so soft, so I am not ashamed! :)
Moving across to the Molton Brown Body Wash, oh wow! thats all I can say! This was a free sample I got from a friend she had got 3 and was lovely enough to give me one, this stuff is amazing! the smell is so good! and lingers on the skin and it lathers up so well, which means this sample may last me a long time because a little really goes a long way! I really may have to go and get the full size....
Right at the bottom is a Boots Body scrup and this on is the coco butter one, honestly I'm really disappointed with this! It does smell good but I leaves a greasy feeling on the skin which really isnt nice, this is really only still in my shower because it needs to be used up! sad but true.
Moving up is the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush scrub..now this is a different story, I love this! The smell makes me want to eat it and the scrub is amazing and really does an amazing job exfoliating! Thsi is definitely my go to body scrub.
Okay I have just realised there are 3 scrubs in my shower! haha
So onto the Anatomical Don't just clean it women, scrub it Body scrub, I got this is a GlossyBox, I do like it, and I enjoy using it, but I don't think I will be going out to get the full size, its nice to use but I still find myself reaching for Soap and Glory.
Now right at the top again Soap and Glory but this time The clean on me Shower gel, Well yet again, love this! Smell is amazing and the lathers up amazing, I also love the pump on it, I just think this is so much easier in the shower, you don't have to struggle with a screw top when you have wet hands (who else does that annoy) you just pump and go! Amazing! :) Can you tell I love it!? haha

You all know how much I love Redken Extreme, My full post Here. I have only been using the Conditioner atm a) Because I have run out of the Shampoo and can't afford to get more yet and B) I am really loving my Lush Shampoo Bar! It's call 'NEW' Its been designed to help 'stimulate hair follicles and maximise growth.' I am going to do a full post on this after I have used it for a but longer, I really am hoping to see some results! First impressions I am impressed so far, Its got a very strong smell of Cinnamon, obviously because of the Cinnamon stick thats stuck on the top! haha But I was abit worried about using it because I didn't know if it would actually clean my hair, but I really did!! The only thing I find it that it makes it feel very dry so I have to use a conditioner otherwise I don't think I would be able to even get my tangle teaser through it!

So that's whats in my shower/Bath :) Do you use any of the same products?

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