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Empty Products #1

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Anyway I haven't done an empties post before (that I can remember) but since I have been on my scheduled post plan I have decided to add some posts that I can do little series for and this is one of them :).
I have been keeping all of my empty products in a little bag next to my dressing table so I can just drop them in as they finish :)
The Products
Redken Extreme Shampoo
Loreal Elnett Satin Hairspray
Elf Eyebrow and Clear mascara
Balance me Eye Cream
Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara Waterproof
Benefit They're Real Mascara
Beautiful movements prime and create mixing medium
Mac Blot Powder
Redken extreme shampoo has been a god send for me! This is my second bottle and I seriously couldn't live without it! It really has saved my hair! I did a post all about it HERE so I wont ramble on! :)
I had only ever heard good things about Loreal Elnett hairsprays, I normally just went for cheap hairspray, but I got this one when it was on offer in boots. To be honest I don't really get the hype, Yes it smells better than most and yes I doesn't leave your hair crispy and crunchy, but it really didn't keep a style in my hair, I was really disappointed in this :(. Sadly I wont be rushing out to buy another one :(
Elf Eyebrow and Clear Mascara I will be purchasing again! I didn't actually use the one that's meant for mascara as mascara though...did that make sense?... and I used the brush that was meant for mascara for my eyebrows, I just preferred the shape of the brush. I love this stuff, it kept my eyebrows fixed in place all day and did leave any residue on my eyebrows which I have found some eyebrow gels to do! :) AND its super cheap! bonus!!!
I got the Balance me eye cream in a glossybox, It claims to sooth, brighten and lift your under eyes, I have to say I liked it, I used it every morning before make up and i just found it to help with under eye bags, it helped make my eyes look more awake, I wont purchase it again I didn't think it was amazing, but it was really ncie to be able to try it! Thanks Glossybox
Onto Lancome Doll Eye Mascara..Well this is seriously my favourite mascara! I brought the waterproof one because I find normal mascara smudges on my pretty badly through out the day but the waterproof one stays  put all day! The effect it gives the lashes is beautiful! so natural and full, the perfect flutter lashes! :)
I brought Benefit's They're real mascara honestly because it had had so many good reviews and I gave it to them haha, I does live up to its reviews, its gives thick long lashes. I have brought 2 bottles of this however I don't think I will get it again, I just find it makes me lashes very spider leg like, I prefere the softer 'butterfly wing' look.
Again I got the Beautiful Movements prime and mixing medium in a glossybox. You can use it to make powder products into cream and as a primer, I used this as a primer, It leaves your skin looking matte and I love that finish, I think it looks cleaner and fresher on my face and it made my make up last pretty much all day! I really want to get this in full size, Hopefully next month :)
Finally Mac Blot powder, I love this, its just a light finishing powder or it can just be used on its own if you want really light coverage just to stop shineyness. It lasted ages! and I was so upset when it ran out, I guess the only bonus being i'm now one empty pot closer to getting a free lipstick!! :D

I hope you have liked this post! I really enjoyed remembering my I like these products or not liked so much :)

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Lots of Love

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