Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lets have a chat...

Hello Lovelies :) 
So today's post is just a little chit chat post, I have been so busy with work that I just haven't had the time to plan and write any posts for this week so I just thought I would open my laptop and just type and see where it goes. I like reading posts like this so why not write one myself.

Well first of all I want to say a massive THANK YOU and HELLO to all my new wonderful readers! Its always makes me day when I log on to see comments or new followers! Just makes it all seem so worth while! I mean I write my blog because I love to do it and share what I love with you guys but it feels so good to know that people read it and want to read more! :) Its a good feeling. I know I promised a 200 followers giveaway and that's still going to happen, I'm just trying to decide what to giveaway...its harder than I though! and also how to run the giveaway, any tips?

Oh so I went out on my lunch break today with a plan to go and find some new shoes, the ones I have for work have really seen their day! I came back with this..
I think oops is the right work to use! I have been looking and researching bronzers for ages now and I just couldn't find one that I liked, I had been recommended to go and try the BareMinerals ones for ages but i always thought they looks too dark, you all know how pale my skin it!! But I popped into John Lewis and went to talk to the lady there, she was so lovely and helpful! I will do a full review on this if you want after I have used it but I'm so excited to start using it! I think I might get my everyday pressed powder from them as well, they all looked amazing as well! This little gift box cost £30 but if had just purchased a single bronzer it would have been £24 so for an extra £6 I got a double bronzer and lip balm and the brush! Amazing if you ask me :D
Have any of you ever tried BareMinerals product if so whats your favourite?

I also recently brought a new Essie polish! It's not very exciting but Its perfect for work, we have a very stricked dress code and sadly I can't get bright colours :(
Its Essie's 'Mademoiselle' just a really pretty natural colour, it gives the illusion of 'naked' nails as I like to call it, but I just think this makes them look healthier...agree? I also got an Essie 'no chip' top coat which so fair has been amazing! again I will be doing a review soon! :)

So after a long and stressful 2 weeks these have made me feel a bit better! I have a week off starting Saturday and it can't come soon enough! I'm exhausted!!

I hope you have all had a good June so far! and making the most of the sunshine when it decides to show its lovely face! :)

My next post should be an empties post so keep an eye out for that on Friday! :)

Lots of Love
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