Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May GlossyBox || 2nd Birthday

Its that time where every blogger basically does the same post but showing what they got in the current months glossybox, That's why I don't normally do this post, however I am so happy with what I received this month that I just really wanted to share! :)
I was so surprised and happy to have got 4 full size products this month!

Awapuhi Wild Ginger - Okay so I have no idea how to say that nore have I heard of this brand before, but I have to say I am so excited to try this out.This product claims to leave all hair types feeling soft, silky and hydrated, also to restore weak and damaged hair. It seems pretty simple to use as well, either spraying it onto already styled hair as a finisher or to use it while heat styling. I really hope this lives up to my expectations! If it does it may end up being a re-purchaser! Full size - 125ml - £18.95
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics (BM Beauty) - When I first say this I was like erm okay...what is that!! haha but it sounds amazing. From reading the description, it is an aloe Vera based gel that can be used as a primer to create a matte finish, mixed with powder blushes and bronzers to create a cream consistency, or used with eye shadow pigments to create liquid eyeliners. Personally I am going to try it as a primer and to create cream blushes! This could turn into a must have in my make up bag! Full Size - 20g - £20
Headline Colors - To be honest this is the only product I am abit disappointed with, I received it a black and I really can't wear black, with my pale skin it just doesn't work, I have to day I never seem to have much luck when it comes to nail polishes in Glossybox, I always seem to get the colour I can't wear or would never wear...oh well! Full Size - 10ml - £9
Collection Fast stroke eyeliner - I wouldn't call this a 'highend' product with it only costing £2.99 however I have only ever heard good things about this eyeliner, I don't wear a lot of liquid eyeliner but when I go out I do like to use it to create a More dramatic eye, so I guess we will see how I get on. This is also another full size int he box! Full Size - 6ml - £2.99
Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara - I can't remember if it was the last box or the box before, we received a red lip stain in it from this brand and I love it!! So when I saw a full size mascara from the same brand I automatically had high hopes and had to try it straight away.
 I love it!! It creates such a like natural lash! not clumpy and it makes my lashes look lovely, thick and long! BTW please ignore the awful eyebrows i am trying to grow them out atm lol...its really not a good look!
Anyway back to the mascara! I really do think I will repurchase this! I am so impressed with this product and brand! Full Size - £15
Last but not least there was a glossybox special of lots of little nail files! perfect to my bag and just so cute! :) Oh and there was a mini Green & Black dark chocolate bar, which a gave to my mum because I don't like dark chocolate but nether the less a lovely little finish!

Happy 2nd Birthday GlossyBox!!

Lots of Love

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