Friday, 31 May 2013

May Favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in ages! this is a very random favourites post with random things in it haha...
`1. My mum got me this from TKmax, I love to drink ice cold water all the time but the ice melts so quickly in a normal cup but in this it stays so cold for ages! and I have found I have drunk a lot more water since having this and its really made a difference to my skin!...I think anyway!
2.I didn't even realise I could get it in the UK until the wonderful Sophie from Flirty Dresses (go check her out) told me she got it from ebay, so of course off I went and got some! omdays!! its amazing and cleared my skin so much! I now use it every night! The only thing i find is that it doesn't get waterproof mascara off very well, so I use a make up wipe for that. 
3. I seriously don't want this candle to end!! It's called 'happiness' and oh my it smells amazing, the smell just makes me think of spring! I burn this candle till all the top of it is melted and then blow it out just so it doesn't burn to quick! I did a full post on this a while ago HERE
4. Okay so random I know, but i got this a dew weeks ago cause it was on offer and I had heard really good things about it, well true words! i think this has really helped whiten my teeth! I don't really like the taste of toothpaste either, but this actually tastes nice! haha
5. I haven't really tried Nivea products before, but I picked this up when it was on offer...theres a pattern here! haha anyway, I really like it, it leaves my skin looking and feeling so nice! I sometimes just wear this instead of foundation because I like how it makes me skin look so much! just putting powder over the top! :)

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Lots of love
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