Friday, 10 May 2013

Dressing Table Tour

I don't know about you but I love to see what other beauties have on their dressing tables and how they lay them out...again just prob the nosey side to me! :) let me know if you agree...? Anyway so as I enjoying reading these posts so much I thought you lovelies might like to see mine....(or not who knows)

My dressing table is actually a desk from Ikea! but I just wanted a plain white desk to use nothing too fancy, I only have a small room so didn't want anything that would take up too much room.
The Mirror is from Matalan (if your wondering) the box is a glossybox!
This is an over view of what I keep in the glossybox, if you want me to do any in depth details about any of the products let me know in the comments :)
I love my little buttons mug. It's the mug I used to use when I would go and see my grandad when I was younger, I love it so much I had to have it on display so I just use it to put cotton buds in :) 
This little trinket tub was a birthday gift from my mums friend. I think its really cute so I just keep bobby pins in it and a very old ring that really need a good clean haha. 
I keep my brushes in this, it was a Christmas gift from my best friend, its actually a candle holder but I think it looks so cute with my brushes in! Keeps them together and tidy as well. The little box under it I have had for years, a friend gave it to me with Christmas gifts in. I now keep notes that people have written me in it :) i just can't bring myself to throw them away! They are just so cute and have memories attached to them all.

Well there you go :) that's my dressing table :) like I said if you want any reviews on any of the products let me know :) Oh Also what do you think to the photos? I used my new camera :)
Let me know if you have done a dressing table tour! I would love to see it! leave me the link in the comments :) 

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Lots of Love
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