Friday, 26 April 2013

The Beauty Things I Suck At || Tag

I have seen this tag a few times on YouTube and I think its an amazing idea. I don't know about you but I read some blogs and watch some youtubers and think 'how are you so perfect?!' This tag is such a good idea because nobody is perfect!! :)

So the things I suck at...

Liquid Eyeliner/Eyeliner in general
I can't do liquid eyeliner to save my life! My eyes never look the same EVER!! I have come to the conclusion that my eyes are completely different shapes and just look odd with eyeliner on them. Then when i go to correct and eye or 'even' them out abit I always end up looking like a panda!! Then I try and take it off to try again and end up looking like a Panda that's just been crying! aghhh!!!

If an eyeshadow look involves more then 2 colours I just can't seem to do it! People who seem to be able to just pile eyeshadow on and it ends up looking amazing...I am jealous of your skills! I have tried it a few times, after watching tutorials and I always just end up looking like I have been punched in the face haha...I just cant do it!

I have been trying to grow my eyebrows out for a few months now and because they look well abit wild I have been using eyebrow pencil to make them look a little bit neater, but I can't ever make them look even, they are both different shapes and one is always darker than the other!! Anyone else have this problem?

Nail Varnish
Painting my nails I am fine at, I'm pretty good at keeping in the lines as they say, its the maintaining on the nails I am crap at, I fiddle with my fingers all the time I think its like a boredom or a nervous thing but this always makes my nail varnish chip and then once one has chip I have to peel it off and then once one is off they all come off! agh!! I think thats why I change my nail colour so much because my nails don't hold nail varnish very well anyway, but I really don't like the look of 'naked' nails i have to have something on them, which is really not good for them at all!

Fake Tan
I've got really pale skin and I really don't tan well, So to look alive in summer I have to sue some sort of fake tan, but I just cant use fake tan, I put it on thinking I have got everywhere well and even but when I wake up it always looks awful and streaky and because I'm so pale I usually end up looking like an Umpa Lumpa!! not good! 
I don't really like the instant tans because there aren't any in a good colour for me but I like the gradual tans.  I don't suppose you have any recommendations for pale skin?

Well there you go, I could probably think of even more things but I'll leave it at these for now! :) 

I tag you all to do this tag, Makes you realise your not alone haha! If you do do it make sure to leave your link in the comments!! I can't wait to read them!

Lots of Love
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