Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Perfect Nail Conbination

I don't know about you but I hate it when my nail varnish chips! If you have read my last post '25 facts about me' then you will know if it happens I have to re-do all my nails again! As you can probably guess this can get very annoying.
 I have been looking for a good base and top coat for ages and never really found any that have been any good. 

Base Coat
 Until I made a random decision to try out 'Sally Hansens Nail Growth Miracle Salon Strengthener' one day when I was in boots.
 Now I know this isn't aimed to be used a a base coat but I have found it to work amazingly well. It instructs you to use one coat everyday for the growth of your nails to improve and from that side of things it works amazingly well too, I obviously don't put a fresh coat on everyday because I use it as a base coat but it still seems to work just as well.
As a base coat I think its amazing, Because its only one coat that's put on I find it doesn't create a completely smooth finish on the nail, for me this is perfect though! I think because it not smooth the colour polish you put over it have more of a base to sit on, something to stick to if that makes sense. If I use any other base coat my nail varnish comes off in one!! But not with this! Couldn't recommend it anymore! 

Top Coat 

This little beauty came into my life thanks to GlossyBox, I can't remember which months box I got it in i just now I have loved it fromt he word go! Its 'Nails Inc Kensingtom CaviarTop Coat'
 This is the only Top Coat I have EVER found that has actually worked on my nails. With any other top coat my nails would last maybe 2 days if I was lucky (my nails don't hold nail varnish very well) But with this my nail varnish can last in good condition for a week sometimes even longer! This locks on the nail varnish good and proper! :) It also leaves a beautifully shiny finish on the nails!

These two products together are my perfect nail combination! :)

What are you go to nail top/base coats?

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