Monday, 28 January 2013

Rambles || One of those days

Well I am having one of those days so I need to have a little rant. So this post is going to be abit different and more like a diary entry. That's what I love about my blog, I know I can come on here and write about things that I am feeling or worried about and all you lovely people make me feel better about it all :)
Thank you for that by the way! 

Have you ever felt like your stuck in a job that your just not going to get anywhere in! Yeah well that's me atm, when I took the job it was perfect and don't get me wrong I love it, but where I am now there just Isn't anywhere go go atm, there are no full time positions so I am stuck in part time were I can only just afford all my bills with, I need full time to be able to move out! But I love the company so I don't really want to leave, but if it cant offer what I need I should leave really....shouldn't? But I don't really want to have to start a new job all over again!
I have looked into jobs out of retail that I would really love to do but I just don't have the qualifications to get started, its so frustrating.
The best thing to happen would be for my blog to take off amazingly! I would seriously love to do blogging full time as my job! I really love doing this! Sharing what I love with other people and getting feedback and making loads of new friends from it! It's been amazing and I am so glad I started it!

I am trying to cheer myself up so while I write this I am watching 'You've Been Framed' it is kind of working, but I do hate the clips were people get really hurt! I'm not a person to laugh at other peoples miss fortune. But i love the clips of pets or of little children, they are so cute, you can't help but smile!

Don't you hate it when you think something is going well and a really good idea and then someone says something and everything changes and you get worries!! Or you know you really should do it but if you do other people will be upset. My dilemma is I really need to get an automatic car because of my arthritis, but the only way I can afford to get a new car is if I get it on finance! which is fine i can afford to do that and with all my other monthly bills still have a money left to live on, but if I do that it means I can't move out. Well this is the problem while being stuck as apart timer at work, it would be different if I as full time!....

See my Problem?

Well if you have made it this fair! well done and thank you! :) sorry about the rant, but you know when you just need to get it out, yeah well my blogs the best place for me to do that!

On a happier note, the bag I have been waiting a Month for finally arrived today! I ordered it from Very when it was out of stock but I love it so much that i was willing to wait! It when so slow, but its finally here!! :)
 Sorry the pictures abit blurry :( anyway its a Steve Madden Bag with gold hardware! Its massive and I love it!! :) I needed a bigger bag for work so I could fit everything in it and this is just perfect!! :) I can't find the bag on the site anymore otherwise I would put the link up! Sorry!
Seriously I think bags are my weakness! Even more than Makeup.....okay maybe not make up but I have a serious addiction to bags!

Whats your beauty Addiction??

Help me feel better? please?
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Lots of Love

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