Monday, 14 January 2013

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Good Afternoon Lovelies! How many of you woke up to snow this morning? I am so glad I didn't have to drive to work this morning, I do not enjoy driving in snow at all!!

Anyway onto today's post! :) okay so around the beginning of December I made a missive mistake and home dyed my hair! If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I had been having my hair bleached for about a year, I had always wanted to be a light blonde and so I went for it last Christmas, this year I decided I wanted to go back to my natural colour and stop dying my hair. After being diagnosed with Arthritis my hair has started to fall out quiet a lot, sadly this is a side effect to having it and putting bleach on my hair has not helped that problem so the decision to stop bleaching was an easy one.

I used a home dye kit, and used the closest colour I could find to my natural colour. Well this was the worst choice I have ever made!! 

My hair went green!! To make things worse, my roots which had grown out quiet a lot went the colour it was meant to, so it was just my ends that where green!! (ombre gone wrong kind of look) not good!! So obviously I made an emergency appointment with my hair dresser! I had to have my hair stripped and then treated and then have a colour over the top, as you can probably tell my hair was not in the best condition after all this drama!!

My hair dresser recommended I use this;
It was pretty pricey to be honest, with Shampoo and condition was £24 together and I think if I remember rightly the leave in treatment was £16 (I think)
This stuff has been a life saver!! I wash my hair every other day if not every third day and I use the leave in treatment every time I wash. I have now  been using it for about a month and half and I can really see the difference, don't get me wrong the hair lose hasn't stopped because that's not all to do with the bad hair condition but it has decreased! and my hair feels so much thicker an softer!! I am so impressed and I will be buying this stuff again and again!!

To conclude this post! Don't home dye unless you really know what your doing! lol!! From me trying to be clever and save money has turned out to cost me a fortune in correction treatments!!

Lots of Love
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