Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

So I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas!! Spent with Family and Friends and everyone who is close to you! Also I hope Santa Brought you everything you wished for!

My Christmas didn't start off to all! my little cat Aurora went missing on Christmas eve so I spend my evening make up leaflets and posting them through doors and putting them on lamp posts. She was missing for 3 days!! So Christmas day was bitter sweet! But she is now safe at home and curled up next to me on my bed! 
 :) So happy she is back, she is like my child!!

So!! What did you all get from Santa!?
I was very lucky this year! From my Mum I got a beautiful new guitar! Its stunning!
From the boyfriend I was so spoilt!!
 He got me my Chanel perfume! I wear CoCo Mademoiselle seriously its my favourite perfume EVER!! For my Birthday this year he got me a Thomas Sabo bracelet so for Christmas he got me a charm to go on it, it's the Eiffel tower and pearl one :) Its so cute. Saving the best till last he was so naughty and got the new Kindle HD Fire!!! Its amazing! I have already ordered a case for it off Amazon and I'm so excited for it to arrive...I am all about the accessorise!! My Best Friend got me some lovely things too, my favourite being these..
Cute Penguin boot socks!! :) and they go all the way too my knee and are so thick and warm! I love them.

I'm back to work tomorrow, not looking forward to it, with sale starting its going to be crazy!

I just wanted to ask, I have got a few emails of people asking me to talk about my arthritis story, Would any of you be intrested in a post like that or shall I just leave it?

Well I wish you a lovely new year! I hope you all have a good one! :)

Blog Soon!!

Lots of Love

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