Thursday, 13 December 2012

Review || Lush Bath Bomb...'So White'

Hello Lovely people :) 
Firsty I just want to say hello and thank you too all my new followers and Thank you and welcome back to all my current followers that have stuck with me and kept commenting and reading while I have been away. :)
It really does mean alot.

Okay so on to the point of this post :) I want shopping (shocker) a few weeks ago and popped into Lush. I seriously adore that shop! You can smell it before you even get to it and I can't help but buy something when I go in.
This is my current little collection. I am always wanting to know whats good to buy and whats not so, and thererfore love reviews on Lush products, so if you havent guessed already i am going to review some of this in a few posts to let you know what are my favourites and what I wouldnt buy again.

Todays review is on 'So White'

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'

''A bath of pure white apple temptation on the outside – a secret colourful heart on the inside.
This year we decided So White needed more fun in her life, so we’ve made an interactive bath that brings a splash of bright colour to December bath times.
Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, then just before you get in throw this pure white snowball ballistic at the side of the bath.  As the outer white shell shatters it will scatter a dash of pink fizzing bubble mix into your water''
I love this bath bomb! It smells amazing! just like a golden delisious apple! :) yummy!! and it looks amazing too!
  This Bath Bomb costs £3.20 and its deffinetly one of my favourites this year! :)

Whats your favourite Product from Lush?

Lots of Love
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