Saturday, 3 November 2012

Items I Regret Buying!

Hello Lovelies :)

Well everyone has things they thought were a good idea at the time and now wish they hadn't!? Come on you can't tell me you haven't! I was going through my stuff the other day and found a few things I really wish I hadn't! 

When you first read the 'regret buying' you probably think I just don't like them, but that's not the case for one!
This is the first item (obviously) its the Mega volume Mascara from Loreal. I normally love loreal products and I though this would be the same, but sadly not :( I found this mascara to be very clumpy! Not a good look on me! It does suit some people, people with big eyes, but not me with my little eyes! :( I also found the brush really big and hard to use. Long story short I was pretty disappointed in this mascara.
The second product is this nail polish remover. I have never really stuck to one remover I just get what I feel like at the time. I got this one from boots. but as its in the this post you have probably guessed that I don't like it already! I found it to be very greasy. I wear red nail polish a lot due to that being the only colour I can wear for work, this really didn't get it off, it just spread it around my fingers leaving my hands looking like I have just committed a murder...Not a good look!
This is the last item. I love the colour and the formula of this lipstick its stunning and bright and amazing! Why do you regret it then? Well I just really doesn't suit me at all, I cant wear it! :( I am gutted! I have very pale skin and because this is so fluorescent it just makes me look ill. :( Again not a good look! I am so upset that I can't wear it, and to those of you out there that look amazing in this lipstick boo you! :)

Do you have any products you regret buying?

Lots of Love

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