Monday, 15 October 2012

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This is a bit of a different post today, but I was shown this site and asked to do a review post, and because I love it some much and think its such a amazing idea I though well I have to let you all know about it!

How are the men in your life at buying birthday or Christmas presents? Do they just buy you rubbish? Things they think you 'need' or do they ask you want you want and make you pick it...basically take the easy way out!
Well know they have no excuse!! 
This site is called you can see that from the title haha!

The founder of the site is called Ben Bolmerley.

'He always struggled with buying gifts for his girlfriend, he ended up asking her mum and friends about what she would like, after talking to his friends he found that he wasn't alone, so decided to create this site, making the whole gifting process at lot more easy and hassle-free for blokes as possible'
This is what the homepage of the site looks like! :)

The site is so simple to use!

  • First of all you register this way you can use the site to its full advantage, however you dont need to register to use the site. 
  • After signing in he answers a few questions, in the picture you can see them on the right 'let's get going' if he only knows who his buying for and his price range that's fine, however he can narrow it down abit more and answer a few more questions, they ask about fashion style, asking him to choose out of 4 items, clicking the one he thinks you would like best. 
  •  Then click find the perfect gift.
  • Lists of gift ideas then come up, things from jewellery, clothing, perfumes, make up ect.
  • The items he thinks you would really like he just clicks on them adding them to an 'advice list' (you do need to be registered to do this)
  • After picking the items and putting them in his advice list, he can then send the list by email or through facebook to your friends and family.
  • They can then comment and rate the gift ideas.
  • Leaving him left with the perfect gift and you having no idea whats your is getting!
Sounds good doesn't it!

There are no sign up fees and no catches! 

Some of the brands being used in the site are ; 
Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Dolce&Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Ernest Jones, Allsaints, Jersey Pearl, Zara, Bertie shoes, Harrods, Shoetique, Milli Millu, Rock my vintage, Plain Lazy, Dirty pretty things, TopShop, Ruby Moon. 
 And so many more!!

The price ranges from £10 - £250+

I know for sure I am going to get my boyfriend to use this!

I have linked it ^^ just click on the site and you will go straight there! :)

What do you think? What are the worst gifts your have received from the man in your life? Have you had a surprise?

Lots of Love

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