Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fashion Tag || Whats in my Bag

I have seen alot of people do this tag and because as you all know I am a very nosey person and love reading them and seeing what people carry around with them on an everyday basis.

I decided to do this post this morning (10/10/12) so I got up and took the pictures straight away so nothing has been removed or put in, this is what was in my bag when I was out yesterday.

The Bag
Its from Zara and costs £29.99, its not real leather but I adore it! :) the long strap can be removed if  you just want to carry it on your arm. The only thing I would like is a zip, there isn't a zip to close the bag so in the rain things will probably get wet...not good.
Its jam packed! It doesn't look like a very big bag, but I can fit so much in it! There is the main bag then a pocket at the back and two at the front, My phone would normally be in the other pocket but I was using that to take the pictures.
In the two pockets; Chanel Mademoiselle, Moroccanoil, Sally Hansen Insta-Brite nail whiter, Sally Hansen Maximum growth, Revlon Lip Butters in Maccaroon and Tutti Frutti, Coco Butter Lip balm, OPI Quick Dry topcoat, Nail file.
This little book goes everywhere with me! If i ever come up with an idea for a blog post or something I need to get or want to get to review and so on I write it in here. My memory is awful so I have to write it down straight away!
Main Bag; Return Receipt for H&M, Links Of London Purse, Paracetamol, Links of London pouch, Thomas Sabo Pouch, Soap and Glory Hand Food, River Island sunglasses, Foaming Hand sanitiser, Kindle.

So this is pretty much what is always in my bag! It is very heavy but I would rather carry it all around with me then not and then need something I don't have.

If you want any more information about anything leave me a comment and I will answer your questions! :)

I Tag all of you to do this! And let me know when you have!!

Lots of Love

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