Thursday, 11 October 2012

Monthly Favourites || September

Bit late this month, but here we go! :)
1) Pretty right! :) I love having flowers in my room! These are what my mum got me. I had had a bad day at work and a hard week, so she brough me them to put a smile on my face! They so did! :) The Lillies have now opened and look stunning! :)
2) The Top Knot! I have been rocking this 'do' alot this month! its so quick and easy! and looks like you have spent ages on your hair when really it only took about 2 minuites! I think its a very elegant look and makes what ever your wearing look much smarter. I love wearing it for work! I wash my hair everyother day so on the days I don't this is perfect! it stays up better on unwashed hair aswell!
3) This is an American series! Its a Murder Mystery series, a one off. It has 13 episodes and my goodness, it is addiction! Me and my Best Friend watched all 13 in 2 days! You just cant stop watching! If you lover Murder Mystery things I seriously recommend you watch this! I got mine from Amazon I think it was around the £20 mark.
4) The Paraolympic bronze medallist Harriet Lee came into work this month! She is such a lovely down to earth girl! And we all got to hold her medal, they really are heavy!! and big!! So proud to have met her! (and look I have a top knot! haha)

Lots of Love

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